ColourSpy v1.1

Bar import file:

  • Removed redundant lines


  • Removed right-click functionality of Close button


  • Corrected typo


ColourSpy v1.0

Version 1.0
Thursday, 21 August 2003


There are many people in the world that need to know exactly what that colour is, right there under their mouse cursor.  Thankfully, a plethora of programs have been released, free and costly, that can do just that.

But those who own a copy of PowerPro need not install a piece of software made for that purpose, because this functionality is available through PowerPro, courtesy of the bar included in this package.

The ColourSpy bar will display the RGB and hex values of the colour underneath the mouse cursor, as well as displaying the colour itself, so that you know you have the right pixel.  It will do this while the Ctrl key is held down.

Once you have your desired colour, you can copy either the RGB or hex values to the clipboard.


This bar uses a revised version of the Win plugin, which by default is not included in installations of PowerPro v3.8 and under.  You can find the new version of this plugin at:

The Events plugin (included with PowerPro) is used while the Ctrl key is held down.  This plugin is limited to 50 simultaneous events.  So your PowerPro configuration must use less than 50 simultaneous events. 🙂


  1. Extract the ColourSpy.icl file into the folder where your PowerPro configuration (.PCF file) is located.
    (Usually C:\Program Files\PowerPro)
  2. Extract the ColourSpy.txt file into your Scripts folder.
    (Usually C:\Program Files\PowerPro\Scripts)
  3. Import the ColourSpyBar.txt file into your chosen PowerPro configuration.
  4. Set up a method of showing the bar.  The bar can be toggled using the PowerPro command:

The ColourSpy bar will not function if Auto Show as Bar is ticked, or +if the bar is shown using e.g. *Bar Show ColourSpy.  You must use the command .ColourSpy@Toggle for correct functionality.

You can emulate Auto Show as Bar behaviour, if you wish, by adding a startup entry on the Scheduler tab of PowerPro Configuration, for .ColourSpy@Toggle.


To display the ColourSpy bar, use your selected method for executing the command:


Hold down the Ctrl key for the bar to capture colours.

  • The grip on the extreme left allows you to relocate the bar.
  • The “X” icon will close the bar.
  • The “Copy” icons will copy the values to the left of them, to the clipboard.  These won’t be visible until you have pressed Ctrl.

To Conclude

Thanks to Bruce for coming up with a great hex conversion script—the bar wouldn’t be able to show hex values otherwise!

I’d really like to know if any of my PowerPro work goes to use, so please feel free to email me with any questions or comments you may have.  You can reach me through the Yahoo! PowerPro group, at:

Lastly, a special thanks to Bruce Switzer for PowerPro! 🙂


I’ve just finished entirely reprogramming my ‘news’ pages, so that I can add, modify and remove news posts really, really easily.

To me, the most important advantage to this is that I never need to actually touch their source again.  But to you guys, you’ll be happy to hear that because it’s just so easy for me to add news to the site now—from any ‘Net enabled computer in the world—I’ll have no excuse not to update regularly now!

Yes sir ree bob, this is fantastic.

It's broadband for me!

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Too disorganised.

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Cleaning myself up.

Never fear—I haven’t forgotten about you all.  I’ve simply fallen into the WESWESE cycle (work, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep, etc.); nothing serious.  I should pull through.

Lately I’ve been ploughing through my wardrobe, and given that I know about my ‘can’t throw out anything that isn’t mouldy’ condition, I’m still astounded at the amount of crap I’ve saved over the years. More »

Season's greetings.

It’s been a while since my last update; I am aware.  But nonetheless, the rate of visits to the site has been steady, and it gives me great pleasure to know, and boast, that one lucky viewer was graced with this text:

300 visitors since October 2002

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I’m finally free.

I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, almost.  And the worst part is that I’m actually quite relieved.  I’m obviously still in shock.

That’s right.  Today I walked out of Uni High for the last time as a student.  For the first time in 13 years I will be free to do (mostly) whatever I choose (for a year).  It is a pity, I guess, but in all honesty, this year almost killed me.  I worked harder than I ever have before, and I even still have the feeling that my marks won’t be backing that. More »

Still alive.

Just thought I should let you know that I actually haven’t abandoned my web semipresence.  I’ve just been studying.  Yes, you heard right.  Studying.  Because this is (hopefully) the last time in my life* that studying will really, really matter.  So I’m going for it exhaustingly.  Exams are real soon and I plan to do well on them.

Once they’re over, I’ll have enough spare brain power to add something to the site.  I just might get around to finding my old diaries and further populating the Doodles section.

As always, if you look around you just may see some updates.

*  Yes, apart from Uni.  Don’t burst my bubble.

Bandwidth delight!

My revolutionary new page design means even less page downloading time for all my loyal viewers.  It really is one of a kind, and I doubt anyone else in the world has applied it.

Hopefully that’s because I’m really smart, and not because I’m just a moron.  But anyway, any web programmers out there, view the source of this page and take a look.  A heck of a lot easier than server side scripting.

And for those of you that don’t really give a rat’s arse, well… there’s something for you too.  I’ve added 20020126 to My Pieces.