“I just want to sleep, but I can’t.  I want to cry, but I can’t.  I want the world to stop while I deal with this, but it can’t.”

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The 154-hour-per-week schedule

For those who don’t already know this, I’m back at uni part-time this year to complete my degree while working full-time.

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One of these things is not like the other

It seems that avoiding the dentist for over fifteen years (even if only subconsciously) can have its drawbacks.

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Car Chronicles, Ep. 1: The Cyclist

Car was heckled today by a directionally disoriented cyclist.

Most importantly, The Cyclist is fine bar a few scratches to the knee—thank goodness he was wearing a helmet or things could have been much, much worse.

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That’s some mighty fine laminating


You can really feel the love down at the MetShop today.


I’m at that point—again—where all of the little things that I feel I have to do (and even the ones I don’t) are summing up into an overbearing monster and smothering me.  The worst of it so far has hit today, where the physiological effects of it all are finally interfering with my ability to actually do my work.

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Farewell, Bucky

Last week something terrible happened to you, and by the time we found you there was nothing we could do to help you.  And so this weekend and well before your time, we had to let you leave us.

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Blast from the past: JobSurge assignment

In the second half of 2005 (the first year of my uni degree), I took a subject called Introduction to Internet Technology.  Out of all the subjects I’ve taken so far for my degree, this one easily affected my career path the most profoundly.  It made me realise precisely where I wanted to channel my professional efforts: web programming.

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Forever is a really long time

It has taken a lot over a while for me to understand and accept one of the most important things I’ve ever learnt, and after distilling it down to a couple sentences it looks shamefully simple—like I always should have just known it:

Things are always changing.  Nothing is ever timelessly set in stone.  What one says or feels at one specific point in time is ever likelier to become invalid as time continues to progress.

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