First post.

Just testing, mainly.  I love Perl—have I ever mentioned that?

I make absolutely no promises as to how often I will write things here.  I’ve never been good at writing fluently.  I suppose it depends on how much actually happens to me and how much I want to talk about it.

CmdPrompt v1.0

Opens a command prompt at a location determined by the currently active window.

  • For Explorer windows this will be the location in view (if the location is accessible by the command prompt, e.g. not Control Panel).
  • For the desktop this will be the user’s Desktop folder (if running NT).
  • In all other cases this will be the window’s working directory.

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OnMultiClick v1.0

Permits separate functionality for bar buttons/tray icons on single clicks, double clicks, triple clicks etc. up to octuple (8) clicks.  Can also be applied to hotkeys with the same effect.


.OnMultiClick(1ClickCmd[, 2ClickCmd[, 3ClickCmd[, ...]]])

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BaseConv v1.0

Performs conversions between number bases such as binary, octal, decimal, hex and any other base between 2 and 36.  Works with numbers in the range of 0 to 263−1 (over 9 million trillion in decimal).



Usage examples:

decimal = .BaseConv@toDecimal("6699ff", 16)
binary = .BaseConv@fromDecimal(170, 2)
octalFromHex = .BaseConv@toAny(8, "a72e", 16)

May be useful for programmers, web designers or anyone else who
frequently works with different number systems.

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Sometimes it can be difficult to automate some software for one of a few reasons:

  • Perhaps different fields share a common control ID.
  • Perhaps the GUI designer overlapped many controls, so AutoIt Window Info won’t show you the one that you actually have your mouse over.

This script aims to provide a solution.  The idea is for you to populate such a GUI with different values in each field, and then allow this script to “capture” that window.  It will then group controls sharing the same text values and display their ClassNameNNs, which is generally** an excellent way to reliably differentiate between controls.

Download: FindClassesByText.au3


  • Prepare the window that you wish to automate.
  • Start this script.
  • Click the Capture button.
  • Activate the other window by clicking on it.
  • Return to the script’s window and browse the assembled TreeView.

** Proven not to work with .NET applications; _ControlGetHandleByPos() may be your only hope there.

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Written by Alex Peters, 13/6/2005

Allows execution of aliases with parameter passing.  Also accepts PowerPro commands, programs, folders, documents and Internet resources for execution.

Aliases may exist as labels within the ARB script and/or as external scripts matching a user-specified wildcard.  For those not interested in backward compatibility with internal aliases an ‘external’ edition without that facility is included.

Major differences to v3.2:

  • Aliases can be stored externally.
  • New internal aliases are automatically recognised.
  • The ARB box defaults to its last used command string.
  • Programmatic alias manipulation (ARB_Add etc.) is not included.

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The end.

There is no point in pretending any longer that I’m going to update this page.

I know I said I’d update if anything significant happened in my life, but the truth is this—things do happen and 100% of it is stuff that I have no desire to revisit through documenting anywhere.  I’ve been well and truly screwed over by people who had my trust and I’ve lost the ability to laugh, to cry or to feel any other emotion.  The desire in fact to do anything that involves emotion in any small part is long gone and the idea of having to deal with any sort of emotion, be it my own or someone else’s, greatly roils me.

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What is wine?

Ironic, I think it is; my excuse for not updating my Journal was, at some point, that nothing and only nothing was happening in my life.  In one respect my excuse still is completely valid since nothing of major interest has indeed taken place; I now sit here though feeling as if so many things have happened that I’ll never be able to remember them all to share them.

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Alias Run Box (ARB) v3.2

ARB (Alias Run Box) v3.2 is now available at:

No parts of the script require Standard Configuration anymore and should work with any PowerPro v4.1 configuration.

Changes since v3.1:

  • The ARB_Add, ARB_Remove and Eval aliases no longer require Standard Configuration to be enforced in order to work properly
  • The ARB_Rebuild and ARB_Edit aliases now execute without error
  • The Eval alias will now output to a message box if invoked with Shift+Enter

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Alias Run Box (ARB) v3.1

ARB (Alias Run Box) v3.1 is now available at:

The script no longer assumes Standard Configuration, and so it should work without modification for anyone running PowerPro v4.1, with the exception of the ARB_Add, ARB_Remove and Eval aliases.  These currently require Standard Configuration to be enabled in order to use them, but disabling Standard Configuration will not interfere with the rest of the script.

A new version addressing this will be released soon.

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