A two-minute animation done by myself and Sam Lin for a 1998 high school Latin history assignment, ported to “modern technology.”

Originally a 320×200-pixel, 16-colour affair, made with a bizarre mix of MIDI, WAV, GIF and FLI clips orchestrated through a Windows batch file.  The graphics were mostly prepared in Autodesk Animator, a DOS-based computer animation and painting program from the ’80s; some were prepared in PaintShop Pro.

Sam did the story and animations; I did the logo, audio and stills and strung it together.  Inside jokes that made sense to us at the time were liberally applied.

GIMP and SynthFont were used to convert the media into formats suitable for use with Scratch.  The vinyl crackling is a new addition from the Partners in Rhyme blog.

The animation can be watched in full-screen mode on the Scratch website.