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Most What?

"Most Afforbable [sic]: the Best Solid Investment Is in Bricks & Mortar"

Corner Clarendon St and Victoria Pde, East Melbourne.  Not sure whether this is some sort of inside joke or really poor proofreading.

Spotted this several weeks ago, actually.  Shame the taggers got to it before my camera did. More »

My favourite YouTube videos of 2011

I had a couple posts with more substance lined up, but they’re not ready.  So, for the sake of publishing a post for December here are some of the videos I enjoyed enough during 2011 to bookmark. More »

“I ❤ Box”

Picture of a car bumper sticker reading "I ❤ (heart) Box"

Got stuck behind this car on my way to work yesterday and was intrigued by her bumper sticker.

The intended reference here eludes me.  Thoughts?

El Chombo: Chacarron Macarron

My life was not completely fulfilled before I came across this video.  Thanks, Emily.

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My favourite picture this week

Source: Overclockers Australia