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Likened to a Locust: another attempt, another approach

“If I liken you to a locust, I’m probably not trying to be nice.  Then again, if I liken you to a locust, I probably have quite a good reason.  Just a heads-up.”

This is an amusing quip I made on Facebook recently under the influence of heavy fatigue.  It’s the only thing I’ve written recently that sounded remotely suitable for the title of this, my fourth online journal incarnation.

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Well, here I am.

I’d successfully avoided succumbing to the MySpace hype for years now, but curiosity finally has the better of me—217,957,982 people had signed up for a MySpace account before I gave in, and surely they can’t all be wrong.

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First post.

Just testing, mainly.  I love Perl—have I ever mentioned that?

I make absolutely no promises as to how often I will write things here.  I’ve never been good at writing fluently.  I suppose it depends on how much actually happens to me and how much I want to talk about it.

Facelift, anyone?

Quick, put all my personal problems aside for the moment—the site’s going to undergo a new look.

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