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I wish I could tag my music like I tag my photos

The software I use to manage my photos is awesome; everything essentially sits in a single folder with no special naming, and the photos have “tags” (like Alex, Footscray, Kebabbage, Engrish, Moustache) associated with them.  No need to organise photos by their single most prominent trait; you can slap on as many tags as you like.

Finding photos is simple; you just work out what tags are relevant and then form a search query out of them: get me all photos taken within Balwyn featuring my two sisters, myself and a wheel of Brie—but no possums.  If you’ve been prudent with your tagging when you add photos, this works perfectly every time.

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Targeted advertising win

EdgeCurve.com runs a semi-regular game where a photo is posted and people compete to submit the funniest caption for it.  Take a look at the archives to get an idea of the pictures and captions submitted in the past.

At some point it was decided that archived entries should feature a banner ad between their photos and their captions.  I don’t think these ads were ever expected to trump the user-submitted captions in awesomeness though.

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