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Not an arsehole driver.

Other citizens of the road will be spared from my arseholiness.

It really is amazing how great one courteous driver can make you feel.  I encountered one on the way home and this is why I think I’ll continue to be a courteous driver myself—it lifted my mood to the point where I was reconsidering my New Years resolution. More »

Happy New Year.

Yes, so it’s a bit late.  Shoot me.

Today, I’ve decided upon a New Years resolution.  After copping more shite from work, missing out on too many croutons in my lifetime and being fined $85 in dishonour fees, I’ve decided that I’m going to become an arsehole. More »

Christmas was good.

Today I found, in my cupboards, a lone thong with the words ‘start a savings account’ written on the bottom of it. More »

Uni is good.

I’ve decided that I do indeed want to go to Uni, and that I’ll be happy when the time comes (not that there was ever any doubt that I would go, but I couldn’t see myself looking forward to it). More »

I'm in a weird mood.

An extremely weird mood.  A mood that I can’t explain.  Sometimes I just end up in a mood like this.  I’m pretty sure I know the cause, but I’m not prepared to share it with the entire rest of the world. More »

I’ve just finished entirely reprogramming my ‘news’ pages, so that I can add, modify and remove news posts really, really easily.

To me, the most important advantage to this is that I never need to actually touch their source again.  But to you guys, you’ll be happy to hear that because it’s just so easy for me to add news to the site now—from any ‘Net enabled computer in the world—I’ll have no excuse not to update regularly now!

Yes sir ree bob, this is fantastic.

It's broadband for me!

Well, guys, it’s finally happened—I’ve finally become sick and tired of dialup Internet access. More »

Too disorganised.

While attempting to clean my room, I came across a CD-RW helpfully labelled ‘Stuff’.  The suspense was thrilling as I inserted this CD into my computer and came across even more stuff I thought I had lost forever! More »

Cleaning myself up.

Never fear—I haven’t forgotten about you all.  I’ve simply fallen into the WESWESE cycle (work, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep, etc.); nothing serious.  I should pull through.

Lately I’ve been ploughing through my wardrobe, and given that I know about my ‘can’t throw out anything that isn’t mouldy’ condition, I’m still astounded at the amount of crap I’ve saved over the years. More »

Season's greetings.

It’s been a while since my last update; I am aware.  But nonetheless, the rate of visits to the site has been steady, and it gives me great pleasure to know, and boast, that one lucky viewer was graced with this text:

300 visitors since October 2002

More »